Providing interconnection solutions through innovative products.


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Providing Interconnection Solutions Through Innovative Products

At MPCS we blend experienced personnel and process controls with advanced equipment to support the wide variety of products demanded by our broad client base. Below is a sampling of what we do:

MPCS PCB Certifications

MIL-PRF-31032/1 and 2 GF and GI Materials
MIL-PRF-55110 GF & GI
IPC 6013 Class 3 (Flex & Rigid Flex)
IPC 6012 Class 3 and 3A (Space and Military Avionics)
NADCAP 7119 (In process)
Approved for Manned Space Flight
IPC Class 3 Standard
UL Listed
ITAR Registered
ROHS Compliant

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Printed Circuit Board Features

Through Hole and Surface Mount
SMD Pitch Size to .008
BGA and µBGA Technology
Lead Free
Buried Vias
Blind Vias
Via size to .004″
Lines/Space to .003″
Via in Pad
Metal Core Boards
Heat Sink Boards
LPI and Dry Film Solder Mask
NASA – Meets or Exceeds Out-gassing Requirements
Peelable Solder Mask
Raised Profile Plating
Sequential Lamination and Controlled Depth Drill/Plating Capability
Controlled Impedance (+/- 10% standard)
Copper Weights up to 11 ounce
High Speed Epoxy / Teflon Hybrids
RF Applications
Mixed Copper Weights

Material Solutions – Laminates and Combination Materials

The following are some of the laminates that Midwest Printed Circuits uses as a standard process or are in the R&D stage. Because of the ever changing demands placed upon the printed circuit board by technology, alternative materials are being used to fabricate today’s high performance printed boards. Where once designs were built out of “pure” laminates, such as FR4 or Polyimide, today’s boards may utilize a combination of materials. These leading edge boards are known as “hybrids”. Please contact Midwest Printed Circuit Services at for details on the hybrid materials we utilize.

FR4 – 370HR
BT Epoxy

Surface Finishes and Plating

HASL (Hot Air Leveling)
Lead Free Solder
Immersion Nickel / Gold
Heavy Gold
Deep Nickel Gold
Gold Tip Plating
White Tin
Carbon / Conductive Inks
Copper Plating Ceramic Substrates

For plated through hole boards, electroless copper is followed by electroplated copper. The electroplated copper is deposited onto the hole wall to an average thickness of 0.001 inch. During the plating process, external lines receive an average of 0.0012 inch of copper plating. This is in addition to the original (base) copper foil. All exposed circuitry after soldermask needs to be protected by one of the finishes listed below.

Hot Air Leveled Solder – HASL (Eutectic: 63% Tin – 37% Lead)

• Typical coating thickness: 30 µinch to 200 µinch, design dependent
• Excellent solderability
• 0.020 inch pitch capability
• 0.030 inch minimum board thickness capability
• Good shelf life

Hot Air Leveled – Lead Free

• Typical coating thickness: 30 µinch to 200 µinch, design dependent
• Good solderability
• 0.020 inch pitch capability
• 0.030 inch minimum board thickness capability
• Good shelf life

Tin Plating

• Typical thickness: 300 µinch tin
• Solderable surface
• Fair shelf life

Deep Nickel Plating

• Typical thickness: 200 µinch nickel
• Excellent corrosion resistance
• Excellent wear resistance, best for surface switches, on/off contacts
• Excellent shelf life

Automatic Gold Plating – Tabs

• Typical thickness: 30 to 50 µinch gold (99.7% Pure) over 200 µinch nickel
• Excellent corrosion resistance
• 130 to 220 Knoop hardness
• Excellent wear resistance, best for edge connectors
• Excellent shelf life

Electroless Nickel / Immersion Gold (99.9% Pure Gold)

• Typical thickness: 3 to 8 µinch gold over 100 µinch nickel
• Excellent corrosion resistance
• Good for aluminum wire bonding
• Excellent for fine pitch technology
• Board not subjected to thermal shock (such as HASL)
• Excellent solderability
• Excellent shelf life

Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP) or Anti-Tarnish

• Typical coating thickness: 8 µinch
• Good solderability
• Excellent surface coplanarity and hole size uniformity
• Used in fine pitch technology
• Board not subjected to thermal shock (such as HASL)
• Fair shelf life (12 months)

Thermal Management Solutions

Leaders in Thermal Management Solutions.

MPCS offers numerous thermal management solutions using specific materials, combined with heat sinks and metal cores. MPCS capabilities include our own in-house tooling/milling facility which allows us to control process, quality, and time to market, to meet the various needs of our clients.


Located in our second facility on Circuit Drive

Our in house milling department affords us the flexibility and necessary process controls needed to ensure we have highest quality products as well as the best time to market in the industry.


  • Heat sinks
  • Metal cores
  • Metal Backed
  • Thermagon Construction: (10 x thermally conductive substrates and pre-pregs)
  • Exotic Material Multilayer
  • Mixed Dielectric Multilayer
  • Various Bonding Capabilities
  • Pure PTFE Multilayer
  • Blind & Buried Vias

In-House Highlights and Testing Capabilities

Laser Direct Imaging
Inkjet Printer for Legend, Serialization and Traceability
Completely Automated CAM Stations
Flying Probe Net List Testing
Clam Shell Testing
Automatic Optical Inspection with CAM Interface
LPI Soldermask
Dry Film Soldermask
Ionic Contamination Testing
Micro-Sectioning Lab
Complete Chemistry Lab
Atomic Absorption Photo Spectrometry
Cross Section Analysis
Milling Department for heat sinks and metal cores

American Made

Over 40 Years of Experience

Highest Quality Products

My job would be so much easier if all our suppliers were like you!"

Military buyer|

The prompt support and attention to detail we receive from Midwest ensures they are the only supplier I recommend to our other company groups. We rely on them for all our needs and can always count on them to perform."

Medical Purchasing Manager|

As a resource to our company Midwest has been invaluable. From catching design errors to accommodating last minute ship date changes, their team has been amazing!"

Industrial Supply Chain Manager|

Medical Technology

Vast experience manufacturing sophisticated technology, coupled with unparalleled product reliability provides MPCS with the necessary foundation to be your trusted supplier for products to the medical technology industry.


With over 40 years of experience, MPCS has been manufacturing mission critical products for various levels of the aerospace industry, including NASA, the military, as well as numerous commercial clients. MPCS is certified and qualified to AS9100D, MIL-PRF-31032, MIL-PRF 55110, IPC-6012 Class 3 and IPC-6012 Class 3/A and is a recognized and approved provider for manned space flight.

Military Grade Technology

We are proud to provide our military with American made products of the highest quality and reliability on the market. MPCS is certified and qualified to the demanding performance standards of AS9100D, MIL-PRF-31032/1/2. MIL-PRF-55110 as well as IPC-6012 Class 3, IPC-6012 Class 3/A and can meet or exceed your specifications.